School Management System


The Neu-SchoolSys is an exclusive a comprehensive package designed for all schools to handle all transactions pertaining to school management. It is completely customizable with user set parameters and data filelds. It is secure, user friendly,intuitive and financially adapatable. It has been designed in mind the state of operation of all schools. A central database, giving distributed acces to information, data security, accountability and overal simplicity.


The school system handles among other functions the following:

  • Registration of new students, capturing such data as personal details,contacts details, parents' details and next of kin.
  • Class allocation to students and teachers, class promotions from one class to another.
  • Student attendance, analysis per students and detailed attendance reports per class or per student.
  • Student finance,i.e fees management,printing fees statements, individual student invoice or group invoices, handling caution money refunds and managing student fines.
  • Sending custom E-mails and SMS to parents or students for fees balances or general communication.
  • Library managemen module which manages issuing of books, returning, fines for damages or late book returns and managing library materials.

The system is sub devided into the following modules

  • System settings - Involves setting up the system with user pre-defined data nad parameter fields
  • System administration - The system provides such administerial functions as user setup,defining user prevelleges,defining user acces level and menu prevelleges.
  • School administration - It performs the core functions of the system, all the system transactions are done in this module.
  • Finance - All student finances,e.g. yearly fees structure, fees invoices, fees structures, fees statements and calculating outstanding fees balances.
  • Reports module - The system has custom reports for every module, flexible,parameterised and in clear intuitive format which can either be exported to Portable document format,Microsoft word documents, Excel sheets,etc.
  • Library management - A library module will be available to enable management of library processes like book issuing and returning as well managing library materials store.
  • Time table generation -The school system has an integrated flexible timetable generation sub system which comes as a stand alone application or integrated with the system depending on your purchase.
  • Sms and E-mail - The system among other modules has a sms modules via a SMS server or GSM enable phone or modem for general purpose communication or sending student fees balances to parents.