Human Resource System


The Neu-HRPaySys is a sofware package specially tailored for both medium size business and high end corporates. it is simple,user friendly and financially adaptable. It's core functions are automating the process of Human resource management and payroll. It will manage dat afro inception-recruitment of qualified candidates, give feed back on interview data and help make decision pertaining to the best candidate for a specified post. It will store data about employee details,conduct attendance, use attendance data to manipulate payroll processing and generate payslips with detailed payments and deductions. It has the following modules



  • Corporate - Capture company details into the system, e.g. Company branches,company logo, core values etc.
  • Events & Activities - All the company events settings which are scheduled to happen are captured here.
  • Employee Setup - Static details concerning an employee, for instance; marrital status,title,etc.
  • Services - Employee service refer to leave details, office time and other job related services.
  • Financials - Salaries, earnings, deductions, allowances, benefits and loans are setup and referenced in the transaction module.
  • Job Setup - Job type, levels and other job related data are captured in this form.
  • Location - Location details like Country, province and area are captured here.
  • System Users - Setting up user names, access rights and privileges.

HRM Module

  • Recruitment - Capturing and managing data in the process of recruiting new employees.
  • Interview - Managing interviews, data about the candidate, interviewers, and results of the interview
  • Registration - Capturing employee details into the system
  • Leave plans - Processing leave plans automatically and sending feed back to the applicants
  • Attendance - Time-In and Time-out using clocking system or by use of biometric and this data is used in processing the employee payroll.
  • Training - Manage data about the employee training programs.
  • Events & Activities - Capture data about events
  • and activities, notify about upcoming events.
  • Employee Financials - Salaries, payments, benefits, advance, loans, allowances, deductions are all automatically handled in this module withminimal effort.

Payroll Admin

  • Payroll processing -The system has an automated way of calculating payments, salaries, allowances, deductions, loans and other finance related data using set procedures and standards.
  • Payslip generation - Producing printed payslip after all the payments and deductions.
  • Annual returns - The essence of a system is to ease management of such data as deducting expenses and calculating profits.