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Neuron Software is an accredited  reseller for microsoft products. As Microsoft authorised education resellers,we  are specially trained and authorized to sell Microsoft Academic Edition software products and licenses to qualified educational users.

Some of the Microsoft Academic Edition software products include :- 

exchange server   ms office
terminal server ms DyCRM

Open License for Academic is a widely accessible and cost-effective way for small education institutions to license Microsoft software, starting with as few as five licenses. You simply determine the number of software licenses your institution wishes to acquire and place the order with us. You also have the option to include Software Assurance with your licenses. After obtaining licenses, you can order installation media from a Microsoft-approved fulfillment source for a fee. 

Qualified institutions can receive special discounts on boxed, retail versions of Microsoft software by purchasing Academic Edition Full Packaged Product (FPP). Academic Edition FPP is the same powerful, fully-functional software as the regular retail version. The only difference is the "Academic Edition" label and the discounted price. You'll get even deeper discounts through our Academic Volume Licensing Programs if your institution needs five or more copies of Microsoft products.

To purchase Open License for Academic, you must meet certain eligibility requirements to qualify. Learn More.

To get a detailed overview of Open License for Academic agreement, click here.